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Kleanbore advertisement printed in black on the inside of both flaps! I’ll ship to Australia or New Zealand for actual shipping, estimated to be This is the end of my empty box listings. The box is sturdy and color is still vibrant with some yellowing. Home of the Old Ammo Guy’s Virtual Cartridge Trading Table Offering a wide range of antique, obsolete, and modern ammunition and related items for collectors Please note: Unless otherwise indicated, the pictures on this web site are my property, and should not be used by anyone without my permission. This box format was introduced about when Olin Corporation combined the Winchester and Western brands to the single name Winchester-Western. They are in nice condition and have their inner boxes, except the Wards box which has tape on it, no inner box and missing one end flap. Pulling this string tears the paper wrapper across the end of the box, then across the back and the other end. These boxes have never been removed from the their original round brick until this auction. On the end says Remington Klean Bore We try to give the best description of each item that we know how.

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Ground Shipping on all U. In addition to a full selection of collector firearms, we keep an extensive inventory of other collectibles such as antique ammo, old ammo boxes, medical tools, sculptures and much more. Please check back frequently as our inventory is constantly growing, or see our full list of new arrivals here. For questions regarding our old ammo and other miscellaneous collectibles, please call or send an email inquiry to info collectorfirearms. Winchester Black Talon. Scandinavian Antler Powder Flask.

Remington Ammunition and date codes. This box has white paperboard tray with holes, which further narrows the date to. Earlier boxes of this design contain a.

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Ammo boxes

This site requires JavaScript in order to be viewed – please ensure your browser is up to date and has JavaScript enabled. A: The original UPC or product barcode generally consists of 12 digits. It can be found on the bottom, side or inside flap of the product packaging. An example is shown below. Q: Do I have to mail in an original UPC barcode from each box of ammunition purchased or from each firearm purchased?

OK how does one tell how old a box of Remington ammunition is? I ask as I ordered a box of Federal Remington Gr and after waiting.

Many companies, such as Winchester may only place a “Winchester” headstamp on the cartridge base for various models of shot shells which are very different from each other. For example, the “Winchester” only headstamp is used on Winchester Standard loads, Winchester Magnum Loads, Winchester Duck and Pheasant Loads and various other Winchester shot shells as well as shells loaded by many different companies.

Small companies often buy hulls from the larger manufacturers to reload and sell themselves. It is therefore important to note what is written on the shell casing itself either on the top wad or written on the casing to aid in the identification of the shell. The color of the plastic or paper hull as well as the case size and the size of the brass rim must also be taken in to consideration for identification purposes.

The color, size and type of primer used may also be an indicator of manufacturer or if reloaded. Primer size, color, type and size have changed over the years and can sometimes give an idea to the age of a shell. The contents of the shell is also of great importance to proper identification. Sometimes the contents are marked, other times not. If you look at the very top of the shell, on most older paper shells, there should be a paper cap that displays the powder and shot type.

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This page is updated frequently, please check back often. This rare 46 gr loading never made it into the “” style labeling; hence it was only sold for approx months before becoming obsolete. EXC condition in all respects.

Q: Do I have to mail in an original UPC barcode from each box of ammunition purchased or from.

Lot numbering and ammunition data cards also provide documentation and traceability for ammunition lots. In this example, “L” stands for Letter and “N” stands for Number. Each manufacturer had a code designation. The digits were the Lot’s serial number. This was originally 3 or more digits long. The lot numbers were also beginning to get very long.

The solution was to break up the lot’s serial number into a block of 1 or 2 digits called the Lot Interfix number, running from 01 to 99 and the Lot Sequence number, which consisted of 3 or more digits. There was confusion at the start from a lack of rigid standards and oversight. Some contractors would use a serial number sequence for each type of ammunition they produced, meaning there would be lots of different ammunition types produced at different times that would have the same lot number.

Others grouped ammunition of different types produced at the same time into the same block of lot numbers. This was sorted out by the end of World War Two when more oversight was possible. Ammunition crates were marked with identifying information. The class of ammunition e. The front panel had the alphanumeric Ammunition Identification Code in the upper right corner, the gross weight in pounds and volume in cubic feet stamped in the lower left corner, and the Lot Code stamped in the lower right corner.

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Remington Ammunition and date codes

After PST the timer will reset to one minute until we do not get a bid on any lot for one minute. Powder, 45 Grs. Bullet , 2pc. Caliber, Smokeless Cartridges, Model Caps, Hard To Find!!!

Remington Model Serial number Lookup: Please know that after , flap of the delivery box. The Remington Remington Remington Remington Society is dedicated to collecting and studying Remington Firearms, Ammunition and.

Remington Kleanbore 22 Long Rifle The affected sniper rifle will only convert ammo while equipped, and will not convert any ammo type used by holstered secondary weapons until their own. Rounds Rifle Buttstock Remington x. These are also perfect for practice ammunition and plinking. Sierra Hornet Varminter Rifle Bullets.

Kassnar Concorde. It features first-quality, factory-fresh components; clean-shooting Kleanbore priming; and temperature stable propellant for consistent velocity and performance even in extreme conditions. All of Remington’s UMC handgun ammunition is manufactured in Arkansas using top quality brass and clean-shooting Kleanbore primers. Remington A box of Remington ‘Kleanbore’ 22 Remington Autoloading.

List of cartridges by caliber; List of rifle cartridges. There were only made. History of the.

Dating remington ammo boxes

Hey kids- If you want to sort the table, just click on the column header like, “Caliber” and it should sort the entire table. It kind of works correctly. Sort of. Well, no, turns out it doesn’t work very well at all. I’ll keep working on it.

By the Remington Ammunition Catalog the gauge Remington Express load is in a 2 3/4 inch case. All this to conclude that the fits.

We also provide some brief information regarding older models such as date of manufacture and copies of owners manuals under the support section of our website, HERE. For a more detailed description and history of various models, the best source currently available on Remington firearms will be Roy Marcot’s book, Remington: “America’s Oldest Gunmaker”. Please provide us with the above information along with a brief description of the gun and we will furnish to you the information that we have available.

You can send this information to the following:. Remington Arms Co. Remington offers a variety of compact firearms specifically designed for youth, women, and smaller stature shooters. These shotguns and rifles are manufactured to the same high quality as our full size models yet offer a shorter stock for better balance and fit. The compact shotgun models come with an adjustable length of pull system that allows the shooter to custom fit their stock to fit their individual length of pull.

A proper fit lends itself to more accurate and confident shooting. No, the camo coating on your firearm does not waterproof the firearm.

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